Spirulina intervenes in five areas for the sportsman. From upstream to downstream, it acts in an exceptional way but one often asks the question: how exactly ?

Improve your performance with 100% sport, healthy and natural

Homme sport spirulineSpirulina is establishing itself as a dietary supplement of choice in terms of food hygiene of athletes in all disciplines. It is probably the only food that is filled with a significant ergogenic effect.

100% natural and food, unrelated to other doping products contrary to sports ethics and other industrial food supplements often containing chemical additives. Scientifically proven (> 900 studies on Pubmed including 4 studies specifically in sports nutrition).

1. Prevention of body aches and sports injuries

Spirulina contains a quantity of a unique blue pigment called “phycocyanin”.This leading antioxidant is also an anti-inflammatory factor that minimizes the risk of muscle soreness and other inflammation due to the action of the athlete.

2. Facilitates recovery after exercise by reducing oxidative stress

Comprimés de spiruline en macroThe adoption of spirulina by ultra marathoners is explained by the reduction of oxidative damage on the muscles, highlighted by studies following specific blood indicators. By recovering better from your exercises, sports routines and competitions, your quality of life is improved and you can go further.

Homme-cours-spiruline3. Improves muscle performance and endurance

Regular intake of spirulina increases the time to exhaustion, isometric strength and endurance of the quadriceps, and cardiorespiratory efficiency. A Greek study thus determined that athletes consuming 5g of spirulina a day gained in the order of 5 to 8% of VO2 max (maximum rate of oxygen consumption) to compare with the 2-3% gained thanks to high training. altitude.

4. A high quality vitamin intake

coktail-spirulineA real natural cocktail of vitamins, spirulina contributes to a varied and balanced diet necessary for sustainable sports performance. In contrast to synthetic vitamin sources, Green Perf Spirulina also has cofactors necessary for assimilation, for example with a probiotic effect that significantly increases the absorption of vitamins of group B.

5. Highly assimilable natural iron

Altere-SpirulineThe practice of a sports activity causes an increased need for performance. This is especially a problem for women. In France, 24% of women are deficient and 91% have potentially insufficient intakes (SU.VI.MAX study).


Green Perf, spirulina acclaimed by top athletes

Green Perf is the Sport brand of Gourmet Spirulina. We select our spirulines only dried at low temperature so that they retain all their vitamins and antioxidants

Facilitates recovery, Prevents muscle soreness, Improves performance.

Food hygiene is fundamental in any high-level sport. Nobody can wish to achieve performance over time without this notion.

“Charly Margain – Founder of Green Perf – Gourmet Spirulina”

Healthy and controlled

Coming from a sector following a very strict specifications with certification and traceability at all levels, our spirulina produced in a traditional way is none the less one of the best on the market both in terms of health and quality. It is considerably richer in vitamins and antioxidants than industrial products that have undergone heat treatment destroying sensitive micronutrients.

Phycocyanin, a component of spirulina (pigment), strengthens the immune system. Spirulina, a source of antioxidants, helps fight against oxidative stress. Iron contributes to the normal transport of oxygen in the body and contributes to a normal energy metabolism.


  • Throughout the year: 1 tablespoon crystals a day or 8 tablets
  • In competition: 3 tablespoons a day, a week before, during and after.

It is possible to consume up to 80g of Spirulina a day during your competitions because there is no cons to indicate a high consumption point. For athletes and athletes, accompany a fruit juice or other source of vitamin C to improve the iron absorption of spirulina.

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Valeurs nutritionnelles gourmet spirulineTable of RDAs:

In one tablespoon or in 6-7 tablets you bring 100 RDA of B12, bio available iron, provitamin A (beta carotene), phycocyanin and proteins and minerals such as selenium, chromium, zinc, manganese, germanium, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium, all without fats and naturally.


Join the adventure of great athletes

Spirulina has been identified by many international organizations – FAO – WHO – UNESCO – FDA – as the most nutritious food currently known. Our champion Caroline Benoît is living proof, in good health and surpassing herself, that her consumption of Spirulina Green Perf helps her to go further.

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