Spirulina is increasingly used by athletes as a dietary supplement and results in particularly positive outcomes for those involved in endurance sports. Using top quality culinary-grade spirulina will yield even better results but how much is enough?

How much spirulina should be taken for sport?

The standard dose of spirulina used by athletes is 3 grams a day, i.e., the equivalent of a level teaspoon of spirulina nibs or spirulina crunchies, which also amounts to the quantity of spirulina in six standard tablets.

This dose is enough to cover all the main nutritional requirements (iron, provitamin A, lutein, etc.) of spirulina and most studies on the use of spirulina are in the 2 to 4 gram per day range.

In the specific case of sport studies, subjects typically consume between 2 and 10 grams per day of spirulina and the outcomes of these studies tend to demonstrate that the ergogenic effect of spirulina and its impact on recovery after physical exertion are dose-dependent.

How much spirulina in this mixed martial arts athlete's routine? Credits CC-by Flickr Stroopsmma https://www.flickr.com/photos/stroopsmma/7631427574/

For this reason, we recommend that athletes use up to 6 grams a day – the equivalent of a level tablespoon of our spirulina nibs or crunchies – in periods of high intensity effort, in order to improve the protective effect of spirulina against oxidative damage.

Most top-level athletes will want to take a full tablespoon of raw spirulina throughout the season rather than limiting that enhanced dose to the preparation of their most intense training sessions and competitions.

How should I consume these quantities of spirulina?

Our raw culinary spirulina is easily consumed as a food topping or in booster shakes, making it easy to seamlessly blend spirulina in one’s food routine.

There is no recommended best time to take spirulina and no study has yet investigated whether spirulina should be taken before, during, or after, exertion.

To better assimilate spirulina’s iron, it is appropriate to take one’s spirulina with a source of vitamin C, either in one go (in a smoothie, a salad or swallowing it with juice) or within a fifteen minute timeframe. Doing this is particularly important for women as female athletes are often lack enough iron to be at the peak of their performance levels.

We also believe that performance and pleasure to go together, which is one of the key drivers behind the Gourmet Spirulina approach.