Caroline Benoit is one of his women who understood everything. A nice job that gives life ;-), as a midwife by profession, a healthy diet, regular consumption of spirulina, high-level sports practice, you will understand, a woman 100% in harmony with her- same, modern, 21st century as we like !


Caroline sends us an email a few months back by proposing a sponsorship. Seeing his record, his determination and his desire to consume a good spirulina, Gourmet and Green Perf, our collaboration is in the “stride”. We immediately agree that there are only benefits to offer him the best spirulina in the world, benefiting from phycocyanin levels of 18% to 25%, vitamins and minerals of quality thanks to our drying at low temperature, assimilable iron and especially an extra detoxifying quality for its sports, in sum that happiness ..

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In short, let’s talk about his record, because it’s before the one that runs …


  • Aubrac : 27 km 800d+ : 3rd
  • Mountain passes : 3rd


  • Trail of karuline (guadeloupe) : 2nd
  • Uttj : 50km 2300d+


  • Roannaise Coast Trail : 35km 2000d+ : 3rd
  • Trail of gypaètes : 73km 5500d+ : 3ème mixed relay
  • Trail of Sancy : 60km 3000d+ : 2nd
  • Trail Emilie : 25km 800d+ : 2nd
  • Way of the Ecir : 21km 800d+ : 1st


  • Vulcan Trail : 81km 3000d+ : 1st
  • Trail of the Roanne coast : 30km 1600d+ : 1st
  • Euskal trail : 2x25km 2800d+ : 1st
  • UTPMA : 105km 5600d+ : 1st


  • Trail of sancy : 2nd
  • Trail of couteliers : 1st
  • Trail of Ruthenes : 1st
  • Ultra Trans Aubrac : 1st
  • Transju trail : 2nd
  • OCC : 1st


  • Trail of sancy : 2nd
  • Trail of couteliers : 1st
  • Nivolet Revard : 1st
  • Maxirace : 5th (1st Frenchwoman)
  • CCC : 4th (1st Frenchwoman)

And wins in 1st the 100 km Endurance Trail of the Knights Templar on October 23, 2016 !!

2018 to come up

  • Volvic Volcanic Expérience : 80km
  • Eiger trail 101km (Championship round World Tour)
  • TDS 119km (Championship round World Tour)
  • Great race of the Templars 73km


You too do like her and consume the best spirulina that exists, available in our spirulina shop !