The diversity of formats always comes as a surprise for newcomers to raw spirulina. No one-size-fit-all approach to the superfood with us! But what are the differences, how should one choose?

There are a few key differences between our raw spirulina petals, nibs and crunchies.

Gourmet Spirulina's full range of culinary raw spirulina formats
Gourmet Spirulina’s full range of culinary raw spirulina formats – from left to right: nibs, petals, crunchies

Texture: do you want your spirulina delicate or crunchy?

Petals are the most delicate – excellent for use as decorative toppings or even as a chip-like snack –, nibs are fairly crunchy – perfect for salads and sprinkling –, crunchies are extra crunchy and cannot hide anywhere – great for hardcore spirulina enthusiasts and to balance the more intense food pairings where the more delicate forms would risk being swamped by more pungent flavours.

The “taste of origin”, or as we call it in French, terroir

Thanks to the delicate process behind the production of raw spirulina, our spirulinas can really express their individual differences due to varying mineral content, exposure to sunlight, etc., between our farms. The difference in flavour is fairly hard to express but the petals are extremely delicate and astonishingly similar in taste to fresh spirulina, same goes for the nibs (same origin), with simply some extra umami and nuttiness, whereas crunchies are very umami and have earthy mushroom aromas and strong chlorophyll notes.

Same same but different

Importantly however, all three types have the same nutritional profiles for the most importants parameters (iron and phycocyanin – spirulina’s signature blue antioxydant) and therefore the same nutritional quality, and all three will have fundamentally the same taste when they are rehydrated – so no need to ponder too long on which of our raw spirulinas to use in a smoothie!