Raw spirulina nibs aren’t generally something people snack on, although quite a number of people love them as is. Let me guide you through a series of basic methods to better enjoy this mysterious superfood:

  • raw spirulina can be sprinkled as is on your food
  • it can be rehydrated
  • it can be countered
  • it can be sublimated by other flavours
  • … and if you really don’t like it then you’re probably not using our genuinely raw spirulina so switch to ours!

Sprinkle the raw spirulina on your food

This should be the first thing to try: sprinkle your spirulina on food. The raw spirulina will usually contribute a lot of crunchiness without significantly changing the flavours of the dish, which makes it an apt method for salads or carb dishes.


Pair spirulina with other ingredients

The second thing to try is to play with the taste of spirulina in your dishes, either by offsetting it with strong flavours –chili pepper, mint, tomato, etc.– or by sublimating with complementary aromas such as chocolate , dill, avocado, etc.

Rehydrate the spirulina

Another possibility, which is often forgotten in recipes, it to try to rehydrating raw spirulina before using it. Simply rehydrating spirulina in roughly three times its volume in water can radically transform your culinary experience of raw spirulina. Simply allow for up to a minute or two for the spirulina to mop up the water.

This is of course the way spirulina is used in sauces, dips and smoothies.

Use another spirulina (ours!)

Maybe you simply don’t enjoy using raw culinary spirulina and you prefer the tablet form.

Before adhering to such a conclusion, do remember however that maybe your spirulina hasn’t been dried correctly and that you should try something different before incriminating spirulina – do note that we are the only ones to claim the “culinary-grade” status and for a very good reason: if you want to enjoy a spirulina-based dish without any unpleasant surprise, you can only rely on Gourmet Spirulina’s nibs, crunchies, petals and flakes to deliver spirulina’s naturally subtle good taste.

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