It is actually more logical to start with the “Why?” part of the question: raw spirulina is all about the quality difference and really goes to the core the core of who we are at Gourmet Spirulina.

Why prepare genuinely raw spirulina?

For the outcome of course. Genuinely raw spirulina has the best taste, far from the “pond scum in a pouch” approach that dominates the market. It also better preserves the fragile nutrients of spirulina than the damaging techniques typically used – mainly spray-drying, which consists of spraying fresh spirulina in a flow of hot air exceeding 100°C.

Finally, you can get very interesting formats that can be sprinkled on your food:

Our raw spirulina range: crunchies, petals and nibs. Great tasting culinary-grade spirulina. © Gourmet Spirulina, 2015.

How is the raw spirulina processed?

Minimally processed would be a fairer term as we really do our best not to interfere with the product and we present a dehydrated form that is as close as possible to the fresh product.

First of all, the spirulina is harvested from our cultivation pools: when they are filtered, the microscopic spirals interwine and form a paste with the density of a smoothie. This paste is washed and then dewatered using a source of pressure or a vacuum (depending on our farm). When then extrude it, which is basically giving a fine shape that will make the drying happen in good conditions.

Extruding fresh spirulina into nibs to prepare our raw spirulina at our French farm. Photo by Charly Margain (© Gourmet Spirulina, 2015)

This stage is very much like what happens with pasta and before they are dried, our nibs actually look like spirulina spaghetti! Finally, the remaining moisture is then evacuated by applying a dry air flow.

As a result, our genuinely raw spirulina is presented in interesting sprinklable formats – nibs, crunchies, petals, flakes.

No powder here as fine powder is clearly an indicator of spray-drying and the only reason why you’ll fine spirulina powder labelled as “raw” is that unfortunately there is no legislation on the subject and many marketers have understood the demand for raw products but aren’t ready to put the effort and extra cost to set up a proper supply chain to actually get raw spirulina.

Try our genuinely raw spirulina: you won’t regret it!