A group of students working on a project involving algae in weight loss therapies recently contacted us to know more about the use of Spirulina to lose weight. The bad news is that there is no proven effect on weight loss. The good news is that is a great companion to dieting and there is some reason to believing that Spirulina may reduce food cravings.

Spirulina: a weight-loss supplement?

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Spirulina has been touted as a weight-loss supplement for the past decade but this is mostly a marketing gimmick by unscrupulous or uninformed salespersons. This claim is quite popular yet no scientific research seems to have ever been carried out on the subject despite more than 1,000 peer-reviewed scientific studies on spirulina to date. As for what our costumers tell us, we have at least as many who speak of a better appetite than customers who quickly feel full when taking Spirulina.

Nutrient density may reduce food cravings and thus improve satiety

It is entirely possibly there may have a satiety effect associated to superfoods. Indeed, by eating nutritionally-dense foods such as Spirulina, our bodies may feel satisfied with less food intake.

Simply put, supposing an individual was to consume only nutrient-poor foodstuffs, then her body would “call” the mothership and ask for more nutrients. Most people would interpret these cravings as signalling hunger however and continue feeding their body with more empty calories. By eating more nutrient-dense foods such as Spirulina, one’s body would be more rapidly satisfied and as result require less calories.

This effect could help some people lose weight but is not only still theoretical but also in any case very specific and only relevant to certain people.

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Much more importantly: Spirulina can makes diets much healthier

The main benefits that make spirulina an interesting food to eat when you are dieting is that Spirulina will help you offset the nutritional deficiencies that often emerge in due course. Spirulina addresses the two most common nutritional imbalances in the Western diet – dietary iron and vitamin A – and this has a particularly significant impact in the case of dietary restrictions.

The great thing with our culinary-grade Raw Spirulina is that is extremely easy to use to improve your diet and has a nice and mild umami flavour to it that makes it quite moreish. Just sprinkle in on foods or blend it in smoothies. It is compatible with all diet practices we know of. In case of doubt, just ask!