The five areas of spirulina in sport

Spirulina intervenes in five areas for the sportsman. From upstream to downstream, it acts in an exceptional way but one often asks the question: how exactly ? Improve your performance with 100% sport, healthy and natural Spirulina is establishing itself as a dietary supplement of choice in terms of food hygiene of athletes in all […]

Ultrarunning and Raw Spirulina, a natural match ?

Triathlete running

Athletes engaged in fell running, peak bagging and ultramarathons have achieved a [ms_highlight background_color=”green” border_radius=”5px” class=”” id=””]mythical status among endurance runners[/ms_highlight]. These top athletes do not garner much attention from the press and most members of the public will only recognize ultramarathon runners as marathon runners with an “ultra-” appended. Ultramarathons and fell running: tough […]