Spirulina, your superfood

(Re) -Discover Spirulina, a superfood with multiple benefits. Full of iron, a cocktail of antioxidants and vitamins. Use our raw spirulina within a varied and balanced diet to improve your tone or support you in your quest for performance. With a simple teaspoon, you will get enough to supplement all your daily intake of iron and vitamin A, the two most common deficits in Europe.

Spirulina is a highly assimilable iron source that helps fight against fatigue. It is more broadly a natural multivitamin, thanks to its extraordinary levels of provitamin A, vitamin B12 and antioxidants. It is used as a support for an intense sport activity, from ultra-marathon runners to racehorses, but also for pregnant women to accompany their pregnancy.

For even more benefits, we dry our spirulines at room temperature for the best respect of nutrients, essential to ensure maximum efficiency and the result is considerable: we get antioxidant levels up to twenty times higher than the worst. market ! As a bonus, we end up on a very fine product that is easy to use, whether sprinkled on a salad or in a smoothie.

Discover the production of spirulina GOURMET SPIRULINA

Come and discover in video how we produce spirulina GOURMET SPIRULINA, its manufacturing processes, drying, packaging ... After viewing our video you will have no secret about our methods and processes.


Discover our new products !

Raw spirulina nibs by Gourmet Spirulina packshot

Spirulina & baobab in tablets

These Gourmet Spirulina tablets allow you to combine spirulina (iron, vitamin K2, vitamin B12, Provitamin A β-carotene) with baobab fruit (Calcium, vitamin C, soluble fiber) to keep you in shape and vitality while improving your health. intestinal flora.

Raw spirulina nibs by Gourmet Spirulina packshot

Spirulina & Camu Camu in tablets

Find all the benefits of spirulina (iron, vitamin K2, vitamin B12, Provitamin A β-carotene) associated with vitamin C from organic Camu Camu. An original idea of Gourmet Spirulina that allows you to take spirulina at the same time as vitamin C directly in a single tablet.


Spirulina GREEN PERF for sportsmen

GREEN PERF crystals can be consumed diluted in a drink or yoghurt and allow the athlete to afford a natural and healthy multivitamin supplement to improve their physical performance and recovery after exercise.

Our selection of spirulina to discover in our online shop !

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Raw Spirulina Flakes

Flakes has an almost smoky character, specific to their terroir. Thicker and crispier than petals, this spirulina is particularly suitable for use in the form of a condiment but remains very easy to integrate in sauce because it re-humidifies very quickly.

Raw spirulina nibs by Gourmet Spirulina packshot

Raw Spirulina Nibs

Small nibs less than one centimeter in length. It is a format that combines several advantages: it is easy to swallow, easily dusting dishes and mixes easily to allow all types of quick and original preparations (smoothies, sauces, guacamole ...).

Raw spirulina nibs by Gourmet Spirulina packshot

Raw Spirulina Petals

The ideal size to incorporate spirulina into your daily diet (salads, pasta, etc.). This spirulina is dried in very thin strips at room temperature. The result is a very fine and crisp taste to discover spirulina in all subtlety.

Why choose Gourmet Spirulina quality ?

Simply because our selection is unbeatable :

  • 18% to 25% phycocyanin: more efficiency thanks to the highest antioxidant content on the market.
  • Heavy metals, bacteriology, and PAHs: irreproachable reliability with quality controls at all levels.
  • Thanks to the low temperature drying of less than 42 ° C: light and pleasant tastes !

What are the Gourmet Spirulina labels ?

Gourmet Spirulina is labeled by :

Logo vegetarian society and gourmet spirulineMIR LogoLogo Ecocert Environnement LOGO vegan spirulineFFFA16 Superfoods Winner Gourmet spirulina logo-bio-gourmet-spiruline-200

Our ambassador Green Perf and Gourmet Spirulina, Caroline Benoit 2016-2018


"Concerned about my diet, I regularly consume spirulina". Caroline Benoit

Caroline Benoit has been using spirulina for several years now. She practices trail running and ultra trail running in the mountains at high level for 4 years now. A midwife by profession, she also advises Gourmet spirulina on her patients.



  • 1st French on the CCC 4 th woman (the CCC is one of the races of the UTMB)
  • 1st at Run and Skate in Chamonix,
  • 1st to the white strides fathoms
  • 1st at Nivolet Revard,
  • 5th in the Maxi Race ... races from 10 to 100km
  • 1st endurance woman Trail des Templiers (100km and 5000 vertical drop)
  • 1st of the Trail du Sancy. (20km)

Our ambassador Green Perf and Gourmet Spirulina, Anthony Gay 2016-2018


"I give advice to my trainees on nutrition and especially on spirulina, Anthony Gay."

Anthony Gay has been on our Spirulina Green Perf for a few months now. He has been practicing trail running and ultra trail running in the mountains for 5 years now. For this year 2018, he will play mainly the rounds of the world championships. Commercial in sports and AMM, it allows to discover Gourmet spirulina to all those who cross its path. He has been practicing the Trail for five years with the main results :

  • Winner Ultra Trail Puy Mary
  • 2nd ultra trail 4 massive
  • 1st Be Run
  • Winner 50 miles Vulcain
  • 3rd CCC
  • 6th Grand Raid of Reunion
  • 9th ultra trail Lavaredo Ultra handle trail World tour
  • 18th in the 2017 World Tour Championship
  • Appointment Trail Trophies 2017 on the category more than 100km

Opinion of happy consumers 😉

I clearly felt a difference !

I was looking for something new and I had been using Spirulina for several years. By taking yours, I clearly felt a difference. It had been a long time since I had such a revival of form! Thank you Gourmet Spirulina ! - Emmanuel S., 31 years old -

Reconciled with spirulina

I discovered spirulina several years ago for the sake of anemia and I am very happy today to have found Gourmet Spirulina that offer spirulines more original formats than tablets or powder. Thank you Gourmet Spirulina  - Pauline F. , 29 years old -

The top quality !

I started spirulina 3 months ago, and I really feel a difference in terms of appetite and tone. I take it at breakfast in my cereal with fresh fruit, and my appetite for lunch has been considerably reduced. I highly recommend ! - Marie D., 22 years old, student -

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